Lockdown Learning Found To Be Ineffective

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Over the past year, children have lost many months of education. The lockdowns have forced children to stay home to protect those in society from the risk of COVID-19. Although this decision was taken to protect the most vulnerable in society, it may have not been effective as was hoped.

The full effects of lockdown on learning will likely still not be fully realised for a few years. The long-lasting effects will likely become more apparent in future exam and test results.

Recently, a team of researchers investigatedthe current effects the lockdown had on children’s learning.

The researchers collected the exam results of children before and after lockdown and found that there was a 3% decrease in learning compared to previous years.

This study was performed on 350,000 school aged children in the Netherlands, where schools were closed for 1/5th of the year, and also has the world’s highest rate of broadband access. Despite these favourable conditions, there was still a noticable decrease in When compared with the amount of time UK schools have been closed due to lockdown, the effects (although not known yet) may be worse.

The 3% loss of learning is predicted to be equivalent of the loss of 1/5th of the entire school years’ worth of learning, equivalent to the same amount of time schools were closed.

Disadvantaged students were found to have a 60% greater loss of learning due to the lockdown than others, which raises concerns on the uneven effects of COVID-19 on society.

This studies finding suggest that during home learning most kids made little to no progress on their education during lockdown.

Not all is lost however, with online tutoring services available that can deliver bonus learning for your child, you can help them recover the lost learning.

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