Expanding The Definition Of 'Teacher'... To Gardener (Part 1)

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The teacher appears when the student is ready

In our age of despair and cynicism a young mind aspires to be a teacher and holds tightly to that dream.

At this exact moment, a young student aspires to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or businessperson, and irrespective of profession, they all go through stage of life called studentship.

Today, distance and lockdowns add stress. Where students cannot be face …

Expanding The Definition Of 'Teacher'... To Gardener (Part 2)

Park with river and a path

In this second of a three-part series, we offer up some of the reasons online tutor-coaching is vastly different, and, typically more effective, than online classes.

Most students and teachers have experience with online learning. Many are not satisfied, with some saying it has even adversely affected student motivation and over time even their confidence.

Teachers are left to provide a highly inefficient content driven learning experience which is …

Virtual Reality for education: current experiences and predictions for the future

A man using VR reaching out

Virtual Reality (VR) involves computer-generated simulations of artificial environments. In recent years, this field has saw amazing advancements, which have ultimately led to publicly accessible and high-quality experiences. One of the most popular headsets is the recently released Oculus Quest 2.

While VR is an amazing resource, it has saw little use within education so far. This post aims to show a few ways VR has been utilised …

The Power of Self-Control in Learning

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You probably have plans for your future that drive you, but find it difficult to keep up your motivation to achieve these plans. These problems we all face with our self-control can negatively impact our personal learning journeys.

Comparing the short-term reward (e.g. Watching TV) versus the long-term reward (e.g. Studying to learn knowledge for your future) is often a challenge.

Short term rewards give you immediate satisfaction, and the …

The Case for Tech in Education

A robot looking at the camera

Concern around technology being integrated into the classroom is shared by both parents and teachers. Parents are worried that their children's data will be shared and used in a negative way, and teachers are concerned about the increased complexity it could add to their classrooms.

Tech has been welcomed into many classrooms with welcoming arms, which may leave some wondering why with the concern around them, but the answer …


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