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Virtual Reality for education: current experiences and predictions for the future

A man using VR reaching out

Virtual Reality (VR) involves computer-generated simulations of artificial environments. In recent years, this field has saw amazing advancements, which have ultimately led to publicly accessible and high-quality experiences. One of the most popular headsets is the recently released Oculus Quest 2.

While VR is an amazing resource, it has saw little use within education so far. This post aims to show a few ways VR has been utilised …

The Case for Tech in Education

A robot looking at the camera

Concern around technology being integrated into the classroom is shared by both parents and teachers. Parents are worried that their children's data will be shared and used in a negative way, and teachers are concerned about the increased complexity it could add to their classrooms.

Tech has been welcomed into many classrooms with welcoming arms, which may leave some wondering why with the concern around them, but the answer …


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