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Expanding The Definition Of 'Teacher'... To Gardener (Part 1)

A rose highlighted in a field

The teacher appears when the student is ready

In our age of despair and cynicism a young mind aspires to be a teacher and holds tightly to that dream.

At this exact moment, a young student aspires to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or businessperson, and irrespective of profession, they all go through stage of life called studentship.

Today, distance and lockdowns add stress. Where students cannot be face …

Expanding The Definition Of 'Teacher'... To Gardener (Part 2)

Park with river and a path

In this second of a three-part series, we offer up some of the reasons online tutor-coaching is vastly different, and, typically more effective, than online classes.

Most students and teachers have experience with online learning. Many are not satisfied, with some saying it has even adversely affected student motivation and over time even their confidence.

Teachers are left to provide a highly inefficient content driven learning experience which is …


Leaarn provides an enhanced tutoring experience for both the tutor and the student, through the use of our AI-powered personality matching systems. Our holistic on-site tutoring experience enables us to enhance the safety of those using our platform.

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