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Using Data to Guide Learning (Part 2): Data Management and Challenges


In Part 1, we highlighted benefits of using data to guide learning, such as using data to inform targets and set goals, and the importance of asking the right questions.

In this part, I will discuss common data management systems used in education, as well as the challenges of using data to guide learning.

Data management tools:

Using data management tools to guide learning is important for …

Using Data to Guide Learning (Part 1): Introduction.


Obtaining data about a student’s performance is one of the best ways to guide learning and action plans. Various data sources are obtained at both a school level (e.g., attendance, behaviour, and academic achievements), which can help increase drive and motivation, and at a research level (e.g., emotional wellbeing, social status). All data can have benefits, if measured and used in the right way. Improvements in technology and school …

How to Tackle Zoom Fatigue in Children

Children on PC and phone

After spending months tutoring students online, with several sessions in a day, I can attest to the fact that Zoom fatigue is real – and it sucks.

What makes Zoom fatigue different from typical burn-out? Or are they in fact the same?

While tiredness and burn-out are not uncommon after a busy school day, you might be surprised to think that video calls, where most children are learning from …


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