Three Ways You Can Boost your Learning Journey

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Throughout your life every individual experiences their own learning journey. By constantly learning and adapting to new information and experiences presented to us we become able to better react to these in the future.

Your learning journey is unique to you, but it can be hard to feel fulfilled in your journey, especially as it can be hard to identify why you aren't feeling fulfilled.

By figuring out what you want to achieve, and what the next stages in your journey are you can guide your learning towards that and help yourself become the best you can be.

Here are some ways you can figure out what the next steps in your personal learning journey are:

Setting Goals

Many of us have goals, or a vague idea of what or where we want to end up, but we often haven't verbalised these or written them down.

By writing down your goals and actively defining them, both in terms of what they are and when you want to have them done, you can hold yourself accountable to your own actions, and help yourself get there.

By reaching the goals we set in our personal learning journey, it not only lets us know we are progressing, it also provides motivation to continue along our journey.

Finding a Tutor-Coach

Getting an external opinion on what the best route to progressing on your learning journey can be very effective. The term tutor is often looked down on unfortunately due to it being associated with someone needing extra help that others don't require. It is wrong to look down on being tutored, however. In fact, seeking to further and improve your own knowledge is something that should be admired, not shunned.

The term 'tutor-coach' is a redefinition of both 'tutor' and 'coach' to better define what a tutor does. A tutor does not just have to be someone who helps you with your maths homework, they are a person who helps you realise what your potential is, and how to get there.

By finding a tutor-coach for yourself you can better set out goals for your personal learning journey, and this can enable you to reach your potential.

Remember your past achievements to look to the future.

Its important not to dwell on the past, but it is also key to not forget how far you have come in your own journey. When you were in your first few years of schooling, you may have struggled with reading, writing, or basic maths, but by now you are likely a master of it.

This applies to other concepts you are learning now. You may be struggling with something now but remembering what you have overcome in the past will help you overcome your problems in the future.

This is another area where the tutor-coach can help. The tutor-coach by working with you will enable you to remember your past achievements, while also not being so focused on them you can no longer make progress towards your future goals. This will mean you can advance your learning journey, and in a meaningful and productive way.

How can we help?

At Leaarn, we have created ways to efficiently match those who want to learn with tutors. We use your individual personality and match it to others like you, those who can understand your own journey and where you are within it.

Why not give it a go? Go to Leaarn and signup to book your first tutor today.


Leaarn provides an enhanced tutoring experience for both the tutor and the student, through the use of our AI-powered personality matching systems. Our holistic on-site tutoring experience enables us to enhance the safety of those using our platform.

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