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Worksheet Generator

Take advantage of over 200 custom-made question generators, spanning every topic in the English National Curriculum for maths. Make each worksheet your own with customisable topics, themes and difficulty levels, making them a perfect addition to the home or classroom.

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Tutoring And Mentoring Platform

Providing students with a holistic platform to learn and grow, from validated subject experts. By using AI algorithms we are able to match learners and coaches together based on their personalities, to ensure more enjoyable and effective learning and development.

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SMS-Based Learning

Supporting all people to learn critical skills no matter where they are through the usage of an SMS system. Using machine learning models to support in each individual's learning journey, by optimising difficulty levels and providing suitable next steps for their learning.

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AI for Consumer Experiences

Using analytical tools and data obtained from users to create the best consumer experience, customising the experiences to their wants and needs. We aim to provide users with more freedom and knowledge of their own data, by providing reports, insights and the ability to receive royalties on sold data.

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Corporate Coaching Platforms

Create a corporate platform to support in the teaching of leadership, well-being, key business skills and more. Upload pre-recorded sessions, documents and presentations to ensure the coaching is efficient, while allowing our AI to make suitable adjustments, recommendations and projections.

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Virtual Reality Environments and Digital Twins

Creating virtual environments for users to explore, learn, socialise and live within, with the utilisation of data to enable smarter virtual living. Allowing users to do all of their favourite things (including shopping, watching live events, displaying NFT's and more) from the comfort of their own home.

Our Mission

We want to improve people's livelihood by utilising enhanced AI, XR, and modern learning techniques.

We believe in the power of shared intelligence and connection. We host multiple affinity-based communities designed to build the knowledge and networks of our clients and valued partners.

To make the world a more intelligent place. We are hiring smart, motivated, and curious colleagues to bring their talent to our team. We offer great benefits and the flexibility to work from wherever works for you.

Our Network

Traditional technology learns only from your company’s historic data. We study the market, analysing behaviour at scale to make the most relevant and valuable recommendations for our clients. Our approach is the same as leading intelligent applications like Waze, Amazon, and LinkedIn. We leverage data, communities, and connections to generate invaluable insights and buying experiences.

We combine and utilise all the data available in your network to provide insights which previously would have been inaccessible.

Our Technology

Train, Track, Transform:

AI-enabled digital transformation has three key components: automation, augmentation, and acceleration. Automate tasks and capture data that leads to a precise, dynamic forecasts.

What we do:

We augment human judgment to improve how teams manage and bring focus to what will yield the highest returns. Our platform also provides collaboration tools, insights, and valuable connections to accelerate innovation cycles and holistically grow better leaders.

Applying AI, data and analytics.

AI is transforming how we work and live, and accelerating the adaptation and learning of everyone. AI-first companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have embraced this technology, recognizing the critical role it plays in staying competitive. We’re bringing the power of true AI to sales and revenue management. Our applications leverage everything from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to advanced deep learning techniques to help sales teams unlock new insights, personal connections, and revenue.

Our Solution

We add a critical layer of intelligence to transform everyday digital tools into a state-of-the-art, agile, user-centric training, tracking and transformation stack. We pool sales activities from CRM, traditional work tools, and our vast network to provide teams with the highest-quality insights to drive sales.

Our clients have 24/7 access to clean data, instantly updated, daily adaptive forecasts, opportunity odds, pipeline visibility, predictive leader boards, risk alerts, coaching prompts, the next and best actions, collaboration tools, and a referral network sourced from colleagues and professional connections. All enhanced with the most sophisticated AI on the market so you can finally utilise all the data you collect in your business.

Our Team Members

Tim Murphy CEO / Co-Founder
Jack Francis CTO / Co-Founder
Tom Willetts CLO / Co-Founder

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