Hi! I'm Rose, a dedicated and enthusiastic online tutor with 14 years experience. I have experience in teaching in a Government College right after completing my Masters in Chemistry. I have a very good track record both during my college days and during the days of my lectureship. I was voted the 'Best Out-going Post Graduate Student' of the yearI have tutored over 5000 lessons online (for students mainly from US and UK, and a fewother countries like Singapore, Japan, Australia, Germany, UAE and India) over the last 13years. I have exposure to US and UK curriculum(GCSE/IGCSE/A/AS Levels, University Level),subject tests like AP, IB, SAT II Chemistry. I have been been Academic coach to all mystudents. I personalize the curriculum to cater to each student's needs. I am an extremely patient, self directed and enthusiastic educator with a passionatecommitment to student development and teaching-learning experience.



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