Hello, my name is Claudia and the moment I tutor a young girl of 7 with Phonics(I've been doing this for a year). I provide all my own resources, and cater to her because I believe that learning should be fun and having lots of activities at hand enables her with the opportunity to feel in control of the activities she chooses to do! I want all my students' to have fun... so much so that they forget that they're actually learning! I have always been passionate about working with children- especially allowing them to feel empowered and proud of themselves whenever they complete a task! I am passionate about teaching Phonics because it's the first stepping stone children must walk on in order for them to be competent readers' as they grow older. I really love seeing the glow on the little girl's face I tutor whenever she accomplishes something she deems tricky. I hope I can help other children achieve amazing things! Enquire with me today for a discount on your first session!



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